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After some setbacks starting again

Boozhoo - I’m almost afraid to tell you that I plan to write more often because everytime I do it seems as “life” gets in the way of my plans. I chose this picture of us tapping a Sweet Birch tree because it symbolizes to me that we can reclaim the sweetness of life after the dark times. After boiling down and burning our first batch it also reminds me that enjoying the sweetness of life requires attention.

For those who do not know we have gone through death and serious illness in the early months of this year and now are slowly recovering and are extremely grateful for this chance to reclaim our intentioned lives. Being alive and on the mend is not something we take for granted any more. I personally am also glad that it is still March and even though everyone seems to be waking up earlier due to climate change it is still spring and we have time to regain our strength before the outdoor gardening and classes begin. I still have time to draw my clean garden bed designs where every plant is well behaved and the weeds are non-existant. I may not believe in Santa Claus anymore but I do admit that I still believe that I won’t get overwhelmed by the garden each year. Alas I always forget that I always wilt in the Virginia heat and humidity and every year watch as a jungle appears in place of my garden.

We do have some classes at the end of the Month to start off our teaching year.

There are still some spaces left if you are interested. I’m looking forward to being back out at the Hollow and having a lot of fun.

On the 30th we will have a plant walk from 11-1:00. We will meet at the Thunder Ridge Overlook parking lot on the Blue Ridge Parkway, Milepost 74.7. It is an amazing environment. Suggested donation is $20.00.

During all of this madness I had surgery for my cataract. It all felt very timely as East on the Medicine Wheel is dedicated to Vision. The animal representative is usually a bird of prey e.g. eagle or hawk. My personal bird is the Red Tailed Hawk. These birds fly high over the land and have excellent vision. The time of the year for the East is Spring and the element is air. I treated my surgery as ceremony - calling in the energies of the East and the Red Tailed Hawk. We have reached a turning point in our lives with the death of Dave’s parents and the end of the responsibilities for them in sight. It is time to envision how we will live our lives - we will be able to travel again, teach again, explore our interests. We are not the same people as we were when we moved out here to be close to family and our abilities have changed and so our dreams will change. That is the wonderful thing about living with the Medicine Wheel - we know change is inevitable and that it never stops. We just keep circling around and making adjustments to our visions as life changes us.

Mii’iw talk to you later

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